Tanya Plibersek’s letter Fairfax refused to publish 

By TANYA PLIBERSEK | 7 August 2018

I understand Ross Gittins’ frustration at the continuing debate over school funding. But Labor will continue to fight against Malcolm Turnbull’s school cuts because many of the things that will help our school kids improve – such as more individual attention and excellent teaching – all cost money.  If you care about our school kids doing better, you have to care about school funding.

The fact public schools are campaigning so hard against Mr Turnbull’s school funding policy is all the proof you need that his new regime is completely unfair.

It’s not hard to see why public schools hate it.

Malcolm Turnbull’s policy caps federal funding for public schools at 20 percent of their fair funding, while it kicks in 80 percent for private schools.

Figures from Mr Turnbull’s own education department show he is ripping billions from schools, and that public schools cop a massive 85 percent of those cuts over the next two years alone.

Public school parents are right to ask why the Sydney Morning Herald continues to barrack for Malcolm Turnbull’s school funding regime when its biggest victims are public schools.

The Liberals were recently exposed by the Herald setting up secret slush funds to give extra money to elite private schools.

In stark contrast, Labor will restore the $17 billion the Liberals have taken from schools, and ensure funding is distributed according to need. That means the vast bulk of our investment will go to public schools.

(Tanya Plibersek is Deputy Leader of the Federal Labor Party and Shadow Minister for Education and Training.)