About The Lucky General…

Choosing someone to lead his troops into battle, Napoleon reportedly asked… “I know he’s a good general, but is he lucky?”

Laurie Patton is a prominent advocate for #BetterBroadband as an essential means of maximising the benefits to society from a digitally-enabled world. His posts are frequently re-published and he is often interviewed on radio and television. 

Following a successful corporate career these days Laurie provides advice and assistance in marketing and communications, business development, stakeholder and community engagement, and government relations.

Now active in the NFP sector he is a former CEO / Executive Director of Internet Australia, the peak body representing the interests of Internet users and a chapter of the global Internet Society – and currently Vice President of TelSoc, a member-based organisation committed to promoting knowledge, understanding and excellence in telecommunications.

Laurie is a former journalist and media executive – managing Seven Sydney, then the largest television station in the country, and Seven Queensland, which he took from the perennial number two spot to become the highest rating regional network and Seven’s most profitable division. He created the World Movies Pay-TV channel and was founding CEO of community station TVS (Television Sydney).

Laurie has worked for each of the three commercial television networks. He reported from London for Seven and from Los Angeles for Ten, was the first finance reporter on commercial television news, covered federal politics from Seven’s Canberra bureau, and later became Seven’s executive in charge of news and current affairs.

After graduating from the University of NSW with a Master of Commerce degree and following a stint as a federal public servant, Laurie became speechwriter and policy advisor for Frank Walker, who was Attorney-General and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs in the NSW Wran Government. He successfully campaigned with Walker to have logging banned in the Terania Creek rainforest – one of the country’s first major environment battles.

Laurie was more recently a special advisor to then federal communications minister Stephen Conroy, on whose behalf he negotiated a deal for the SBS network to take over and manage the nascent National Indigenous Television channel – having been a panel member for a review of the Indigenous broadcasting and media sector.

Laurie has held for-profit and not-for-profit board roles, including Sky News Australia, the Heart Foundation, and the NSW Film & Television Office. As deputy chair of the FTO he initiated and led the first official Australian delegation to the Shanghai Film Festival and commenced negotiations with Chinese authorities leading to an Australia-China film co-production agreement.

“When the generals talk you better listen to him!”… MIDNIGHT OIL