Links to other people’s articles and publications that I found interesting

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Driverless cars really do have health and safety benefits, if only people knew

The Huawei way

‘It’s all gone horribly wrong’: young generation doomed to rent

How Sky News became Australia’s Fox News

Driverless cars ‘inevitable’ despite Aussie doubts

Almost half of all NBN users now on 50Mbps or faster [More proof NBN Co misread demand for fast broadband]

NSW to spend AU$10m on driverless car trials

Don’t like the current NBN policy? Then you’re a Labor stooge

Full-time work no longer a reality for young Australians

Who elected FaceBook?

WA wants 100 Mbps NBN minimum

Rail access improves liveability, but all regional centres are not equal

auDA given ultimatum to sort out internal affairs

The world Bobby Kennedy hoped for isn’t here yet – we need to try harder

Smart cities: Digital solutions for a more livable future

Smarter ways to stop the rural brain drain

Government consulting on safe harbour industry code regulations

NBN blaming ‘gamers’ for slow broadband contradicts its own online advice

Fast rail could turn Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle into ‘mega region’

New Zealand once again showing us how to deliver #BetterBroadband | “…more competition as well as more tailored broadband products such as 10Gbps services and low-latency services for gamers”

Afilias to provide 24×7 Service to .au Registrars

Too much board and management collaboration?

5G: How ready is Australia for the next generation?

Mary Meeker’s Tech State of the Union: Everything happening on the Internet in 2018

Heart Foundation: Healthy active by design

NBN Co accountability pledge by Labor if it regains power

Australia to have new driving laws for automated vehicles by 2020

Encryption: the cornerstone of information and national security

Facial recognition regime far too broad, says rights body

House of Reps to have digital voting by 2019

NBN Co raised scrapping HFC with government two years ago

FLASHBACK 2004: “The Government should publicly confirm its acknowledgement that the existing copper fixed line network is becoming increasingly obsolete”

Talk around Sydney dinner tables is focused on city’s growing pains

Uber self-driving car ‘saw pedestrian but did not brake before fatal crash’

The tragedy of Australia’s NBN

Sydney a ‘Second Tier’ city: Report

Decentralisation delayed, but not deprioritised

Two-thirds of global population will live in cities by 2050: UN

Town Centre car parking strategies

NBN may be biggest infrastructure debacle

Bringing the smart city agenda to the regions could help Australia’s straining cities

Laurie Patton resumes CEO role at Internet Australia