My New Year’s Resolution – Keep fighting for #BetterBroadband

By LAURIE PATTON | 6 January 2019

2019 is shaping up as the year we’ll be forced to face the fact we are building a National Broadband Network that simply isn’t good enough. It’s also the year our major telcos will start rolling out their capital-intensive 5G mobile networks, having spent millions of dollars buying up spectrum from the federal government.

Yet nobody seems to have asked if we really need 5G right now. Why is Australia rushing to adopt 5G when 4G speeds are more than most of us realistically need at the moment, or will need for some time?

The embarrassing fact is existing 4G mobile services are already delivering broadband speeds in excess of those available to about a third of NBN customers – the ones stuck with the inferior FTTN technology using Telstra’s old copper wires.

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