Australia draws line under anti-China hysteria. Will it be enough to unfreeze relations?

By BOB CARR | 13 August 2018

This week Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull reset the Australia-China relationship – ditching 12 months in which Australia had become the most rhetorically adversarial towards China of all of the United States’ allies and partners.

Turnbull was always going to do it. It was a matter of language and timing. Fears his government has allowed to spread about Chinese money in Australia’s democracy and China’s growing influence in the region had little substance, and have done Australia more harm than good.

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The Great Barrier Reef Foundation and crony capitalism

BY JOHN MENADUE | 9 August 2018

Just imagine if a Labor prime minister handed out a $444 million grant to a small reef ‘charity’ without any due process. The Murdoch media would be even more apoplectic than usual. There is a lack of transparency and probity in this case. The chairman’s panel for this reef charity is full of mates.

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Tanya Plibersek’s letter Fairfax refused to publish 

By TANYA PLIBERSEK | 7 August 2018

I understand Ross Gittins’ frustration at the continuing debate over school funding. But Labor will continue to fight against Malcolm Turnbull’s school cuts because many of the things that will help our school kids improve – such as more individual attention and excellent teaching – all cost money.  If you care about our school kids doing better, you have to care about school funding. Continue reading “Tanya Plibersek’s letter Fairfax refused to publish “

The facts don’t show that Liberals are better economic managers

By JOHN MENADUE | 25 July 2018

Malcolm Turnbull has made it clear that his mantra of ‘Jobs-and-Growth’ will be at the forefront of his campaign in the next election. This week he will be talking about the growth of a million jobs in five years, but there is nothing really remarkable in that on average over the last 15 years about 200,000 new jobs have been created each year. Further, it is less impressive because our population is growing by about two million every five years. 

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Malcolm Turnbull: NBN killer?

By LAURIE PATTON | 28 December 2015

The ABC Online News headline was pretty blunt: “Abbott orders Turnbull to demolish NBN”. In the article itself then Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is quoted as saying: “The Government is going to invest $43 billion worth of hard-earned money in what I believe is going to turn out to be a white elephant on a massive scale”.

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