Jobs, housing, lifestyle the keys to our future

By LAURIE PATTON | 29 June 2022

Come September a group of industry leaders, politicians, academics and consultants will gather in Canberra to grapple with some of the most challenging social, economic and political issues facing Australia. Provocatively titled “Regionalisation – Rebalancing the nation” the event will present an opportunity to consider where Australia should head, and where we should all live, as we emerge from an all-consuming pandemic.

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OK Boomer — know thine enemy

One day a rooster, the next day a feather duster!

By LAURIE PATTON | 14 November 2019

In the 20th Century each successive generation fared better than their parents, both socially and financially. The likelihood is that trend will continue this century – if we all work together finding solutions to the very serious problems facing the environment and we leverage the benefits accruing from the emerging digitally-enabled global economy. There has always been a ‘generation gap’ and probably always will be but when it comes to existential matters solidarity forever I say!

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